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Summer 2024  CAMPS and CLINICS


Youth Camps

Open to boys and girls age 6-13

Monday - Friday from 9AM-2PM

These camps are designed to be instructional and FUN!

We will cover all of the basic skills and fundamentals of baseball including throwing, catching, hitting, infield play, outfield play, and baserunning.

We will pick teams on Monday and compete all week for the Camp Championship which will happen Friday afternoon after our week long "season".

In a typical day the morning will be skill focused as we will introduce a skill, do some drills to work on that skill, have a competition focused on that skill.  We will then break for lunch (players may bring their own or order lunch as we order pizza on Mondays and Fridays (it's an option everyday as well), Chipotle on Tuesday, Chick Fil A on Wednesdays, Jimmy John's on Thursdays.  Following lunch, we will play baseball games.  Our main goals for the week are to have fun, stay safe, and learn and improve at baseball.  Over the past 12 years, I have received a great deal of overwhelmingly positive feedback as kids tend to love these camps.  I believe it is due to our teaching approach where we try to make sure every kid is learning and having fun!

Cost for Youth Camp is $350 per week with the lunch option available for $65 for the week.  Lunch can also be purchased daily for $15 per day.

Additionally, you may add money to your child's camp store fund which the kids will use to purchase Gatorades, candy, and other exciting treats that we'll have at our camp store.  This feature is a big hit with the kids.

Prospect Camps

Open to boys and girls age 12-15

These camps are 4 day camps from 12-2PM

These camps are more intensive in terms of instruction and are designed to teach how the game of baseball is played at the high school level and beyond.  For many players, they'll only get a year or 2 on the big field before getting to high school and there are many skills and fundamentals that they'll need to be able to learn quickly in order to make and contribute to their high school team.  This camp is designed to introduce many of those skills and concepts and to accelerate their adjustment to baseball at the high school level and beyond.  We will cover key team fundamentals like pop fly priority, cuts and relays, holding runners on properly and controlling the running game, baserunning to apply pressure on your opponent, situational hitting, and more.  These camps are fantastic for preparing you for the next step in your baseball career.

Cost is $250 for the week.

Padgett Baseball, LLC

Youth Camp Dates

SESSION 4: July 15 - 19

SESSION 5: July 22 - 26

NEW ADDITION: Youth Mini Camp

August 12-15 (Mon-Thurs)




Session 4 and 5 at Yeonas Park located at 1319 Ross Dr. SW in Vienna, VA.

Youth Mini Camp will be

at Nottoway Park located at 9537 Courthouse Rd. in Vienna 

Prospect Camp Dates: Aug 12-15

Prospect Camp:

August 12-15, 12-2PM

at Nottoway Park located at 9537 Courthouse Rd. in Vienna 


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