HELLO ALL and I HOPE YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES ARE STAYING SAFE!  If you've had a chance to drive by Bishop O'Connell recently, you couldn't help but notice our SIGNIFICANTLY UPGRADED BASEBALL FACILITY!!!  I am beyond excited to share this facility with the greater northern Virginia baseball community.  I am hoping to launch summer camp dates and registration as well as some clinics in the spring, but am working with my school administrators as well as health officials to ensure we follow any and all Covid safety protocols.  I will share information it becomes available, but I just wanted to update everyone.  Take care, stay safe, and I can't wait to get out there and play ball again soon!!!

SUMMER SEASON - A Time for Player Improvement, Learning the Game, but                  MOST IMPORTANTLY: Having Fun Playing the Game!

The summer is a great time to work at getting better.  I've always believed the best steps for doing that are to really look at the feedback the spring season gave you, seek out some professional help (camps or lessons), and then go to the ballfield with a parent or friends and get to work!  The key is making that work fun.  The game is, by it's nature, a grind.  The work is, in reality, a grind as well, but it's vital to long term player development to find the enjoyment in the time you're putting in that work.  So, take advantage of the long, school-free days and get to work to get better this summer! 

Learn the game, love the game